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Here at the MudaGym, we understand how personal training works. We guide you in an objective and realistic way to work out. We will learn you to understand your body and the fine details of a tighter body, fat loss and better posture.

We concentrate on the process and not just goals. A goal is only temporary, but an optimized process to successfully achieve your goals works forever!

Your motivation to workout with us

The owners of the MudaGym trained at an Olympic level for over 12 years and were able to
have a proper life-work balance while performing very successfully at an international level with rowing.

Of course, this did not happen without a struggle, but during the entire journey, the knowledge about obtaining the right balance was improved.

If you have the right people helping you, a professional work-life balance is achievable for everyone! We are here to help you to find your balance.
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So, where do you start?

Every beginning is difficult, but it gets easier from there on. No worries, you have come to the right place. You are invited to a free trial to become familiar with our training method and our vision of living a healthy life.

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To know better who we are, we like to welcome you in person at MudaGym.
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We schedule a free training

Together we schedule an appointment in the most convenient way.  So you don't  wait unnecessarily long and we are as efficient with your valuable time. You can start working out with us immediately. Of course we keep room for a coffee or tea.

let's sweat

During the try-out we are going to take you through a number of steps to create an overview of what your wishes and needs are. We will also work on a physical scan to have a proper baseline. Of course, we will keep this information strictly confidental and only share this with you.

Know what we offer

We are a private gym and are more than happy to help you. We enlight our work style to you. We are striving for  high quality, high services and high efficiency in time and energy at our gym. 

Have a good night sleep

Have a good night’s on it and think about it for a day or two. After all, it should become and addition to your daily life to help you find your ideal active work-life balance. When you are ready we will start your process towards a healthier and even more balanced lifestyle.

Ready to go?

Plan your upcoming workout: We are very happy with your choice and look forward to getting started with you.

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Fit 'the general word’ does not say much to us and is strongly subjective to interpret. For us it means that we first go for a better feeling about yourself in order to express more self-confidence, to feel happier and above all more energetic The appearance of your body becomes more attractive over time, but is never the priority you strive for. Becoming better, feeling better and being better than ever before we strive for. Where to start?

Just get fit

Coordination & mobility is crucial to start with so you Learn to control your body correctly. Let's start working out more efficient and effective. The foundation of being healthy is to workout in the right way!
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Losing weight

Losing weight without extreme measures is possible. Together with Socha the nutritionist we approach losing weight mentally, physically and socially.
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Injury prevention / recovery

An injury is a frustrated and painful that affects your daily life. It doesn’t mean you can’t work out! Let’s take the injury as a stimulus to workout!
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Performance training

Performance training is getting results. As former Olympians, we understand what it’s like to work towards your sports experience where you like to shine and succeed.
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We are  waiting for you

We all need to find the right balance in our life. Our experienced personal trainers will help you to find yours.

With the tailor-made training schemes and workouts, we are convinced you will improve your training, reach your goals and overall become more active and healthy.

We help you to get the best out of your body. Are you ready?
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Meet our  professionals

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Act now with us

Act now with us

Act now with us

Act now with us

Act now with us

Act now with us

Act now with us

We have been working as personal trainers since 2016 and we strive to keep the quality of training high and to make sure that it is accessible for many of us.
Saxen Weimarlaan 56HS
1075 CE Amsterdam
+31 20 303 82 60
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