Diet in your way

We help you to create a weight loss plan that includes both exercise and nutrition. We help you set realistic goals, track your progress, and provide guidance and motivation along the way.

Losing weight needs a long-term approach, a change in your daily routine which you can persist for a lifetime. Socha will help you to eat intuitively, so you can say goodbye to the extra weight for good.
By losing weight with us you:

Your benefits

Working out is a great solution to feel better, create a better lifestyle. To reach your point of success and the wished weight we better look as well your patron of eating and drinking!

Reduce heart and vascular diseases

Better diet reduces heart and vascular diseases. With sports you strengthen up the heart muscle.

Move more freely and get a better posture

By loosing weight you gain more space to move and it feels much lighter. And of course a better appearance 

Increase stamina and energy

You will increase your stamina and  have a better body posture. But above all appearance is not the main focus, but feeling healthy is our priority!

Boost your self-confidence

When you feel better you will immidiately radiate your health and it will be seen back in your daily life as well in your work as in private. 

Sosha  van Gelder

Initiutive eating is an extra addition to the regular physical workout. It should go hand in hand and help you to reach your goal faster, more efficient and that it becomes for a lifetime.

Read more about Sosha and her expertise!
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Just get fit

Coordination & mobility is crucial to start with so you Learn to control your body correctly. Let's start working out more efficient and effective. The foundation of being healthy is to workout in the right way!
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Loosing weight

Losing weight without extreme measures is possible.Together with Socha the nutritionist we approach losing weight mentally, physically and socially.
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Injury prevention / recovery

An injury is a frustrated and painful that affects your daily life. It doesn’t mean you can’t work out! Let’s take the injury as a stimulus to workout!
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Performance training

Performance training is getting results. As former Olympians, we understand what it’s like to work towards your sports experience where you like to shine and succeed.
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MudaGym helps you to take your fitness goals to the next level. Our professional
personal trainers offer a personalized approach to fitness and create schedules tailored to your needs.
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