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Step 1. Intake

Before we start writing a new program, we find it pleasant to get to know each other first. A first date with each other where we get acquainted with the organization. During this meeting it should become clear to us what your question / problem is and what needs to be modified. Your question is the key to adapting your future vision.

Step 2. Drafting

With your input and background information from the organization we are ready to prepare the agenda. This describes everything about how we organize the day(s) and what the follow-up actions will be. With check-up moments in between we keep you informed about the status of the program.

Step 3. Implementation

During the execution of the program, the team falls under us. Using story-telling and examples from our past, we share new insights to work together to innovate with the aim of sustainable employability.

Step 4. Summary

Afterwards we write a summary of the event in which we share our observation. This summary is subjectively written by us, but with your questions in mind. Afterwards, we also write an advice about what the next steps should be to achieve the desired result regarding sustainable employability.

Step 5. Continuity

After the event, we can continue to support the organization. From different angles, we offer extra services to get the employees healthier, but above all happier on the work floor. To accomplish this, we offer sports activities on the workplace and team outings to enhance the collegial relationship.