Embrase changes

Challenges are meant to be met and overcome. In the 2016 Olympic year, we were facing our biggest challenge so far in our professional rowing careers when we suddenly stood without coaches, medical staff and financial support. How could we put together a well-organized team in a short period of time? Our desire and determination to achieve success showed to be enough. As a team, we have learned to cope with setbacks, constant goal changes (constant change of circumstances), and above all to stay calm and be confident in the outcome. Unfortunately, we didn’t qualify for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. But despite a shattered dream, it was a rewarding and memorable year for us.

“Great losses are a great lesson”

You change to get better

We have been enjoying rowing on an international level competing against top athletes for more than a decade. In this period of our life we have experienced great success but also setbacks. As much as the London Olympics became highlights of our careers as great was failure four years later when not qualifying for Rio de Janeiro 2016. Great losses are great lessons so, after 10 years as top athletes, we have a vast knowledge of how to help you achieve great results through commitment, cooperation, and determination. At Muda Gym we provide the tools and insights to reach the ultimate goal in your profession. You can achieve a lot just by start making a change today.

  • Story telling

  • Teambuilding

  • Social interaction

  • Communication

  • Result driven

  • Creating mutual trust

  • Interactive

  • professionally critical

  • process centered

Inspiring, Motivational, Social


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