Working out for body and mind!

the whole world is under the spell of Corona-virus/ COVID-19, we’ve accepted the situation it and we’re not going to talk about it! We rather like to share information about keeping healthy and having a positive vibe in your household.

In the coming weeks we will be bound to home and our active lifestyle will be drastically reducing. Less biking to work or your daily routine at the fitness school is now no longer an option. But what effect does less exercise really have on you and your environment?

The side effects!

Please, don’t talk immediately about gaining weight because in all the supermarkets you find carrots. The only product which didn’t got HAMSTERD (Hoarded). We look rather at effects that will be visible more rapidly.

Stay healthy and smile

Online you will find plenty of exercises to get yourself healthy and smiling during the day. To become more efficient and effective while doing you exercise we ,MudaGym, are more than happy to train you online and create a custom made program for you at home.

Lucky enough we are still in the situation that we can drive-by to serve you equipment at home to train with. We are more then happy  help you to stay active, healthy and that you can keep smiling.

When you start to become cranky or get irritated then think about MudaGym who can help you smile again and feeling better.