Our society has increased the need for a balance between work and private life; on the other hand, it is also evident that organizations push too much towards KPIs. This is not in proportion to the social need to manage work-life balance more effectively. Due to the wide range of services on offer, particularly vitality, there is a risk that we will lose sight of the quality. As we mentioned already we see teambuilding as the heart and the lungs for success. We have started to work with Driekant Trainingen & Advies (Her Grimbergen) to offer quality, but also to show that team effort goes beyond individualization.

We focus for sustainability on…

1. Physical & mental awareness

During the activities we focus on the team to create a dynamic, confidential and relaxed atmosphere. To form a top team, we first look at the workload as experienced as a team and individual. In order not to draw hasty conclusions, we also look at the vitality of the individuals separately from each other.

We find these factors strongly interwoven to one another and influencing each other positively and negatively. Our first priority is raising awareness that changes are not always bad but a necessity to innovate and adapt to the current situation. 

2. Working together

We see teambuilding as the “heart” and the “lungs”  to become successful as individual and as organization. In a fast changing environment we need to adapt constantly to new circumstances which brings stress, intimidating and frustrating situations. It is not the discussion wether we need to change, but we focus more on the process of adapting constantly.

As a team you change to innovate!

3. Vitality is sustainability

In short, a burn-out is mainly caused by stress that we impose ourselves and that is partly imposed on us. Nobody benefits from having a colleague at home who is sick. Together we look at different impulses that are related to stress aggressors within the organization, the team and your private life. We will bring this to your attention through sports and mental coaching. By working more with your body and mind you will be able to distribute your energy better over the day/week and thereby improve the quality of your life.

4. Continuity & innovativity 

Making changes starts off with a long-term vision, but takes a lot of time and determination. As long as we work together and take the right next steps, the changes are no problem at all. By continuing to offer different activities afterwards, such as sports on the work floor, adjusting nutrition or mental coaching, we simplify the adaptation process.


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