Be fit and improve life

Fit’ the general word’ does not say much to us and is strongly subjective to interpret. For us it means that we first go for a better feeling about yourself in order to express more self-confidence, to feel happier and above all more energetic.
The appearance of your body becomes more attractive over time, but is never the priority you strive for. Becoming better, feeling better and being better than ever before we strive for.
Just start and experience it yourself

Your benefits

Being in overall fitness brings great benefits in daily life. 

Better energy household

By developing an improved body awareness you become more efficient with your day-to-day energy.

Higher concentration level

By becoming fitter, we are able to concentrate longer. Your daytime productivity increases!

Faster recovery

You will recover faster from the workout and being more protected against sickness. 

Enhanced self-confidence

When you feel better you will immidiately radiate your health. 

Looking for something else?

Just get fit

Coordination & mobility is crucial to start with so you Learn to control your body correctly. Let's start working out more efficient and effective. The foundation of being healthy is to workout in the right way!
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Loosing weight

Losing weight without extreme measures is possible. Together with Socha the nutritionist we approach losing weight mentally, physically and socially.
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Injury prevention / recovery

An injury is a frustrated and painful that affects your daily life. It doesn’t mean you can’t work out! Let’s take the injury as a stimulus to workout!
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Performance training

Performance training is getting results. As former Olympians, we understand what it’s like to work towards your sports experience where you like to shine and succeed.
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Act now with us

Act now with us

Act now with us

Act now with us

Act now with us

Act now with us

Act now with us

Act now with us

We have been working as personal trainers since 2016 and we strive to keep the quality of training high and to make sure that it is accessible for many of us.
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1075 CE Amsterdam
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